The Denham Court Association (DCA) is a group of residents that have formed in response to the proposed expansion of Campbelltown Road between Denham Court Road (possibly including Brooks Road) and Macdonald Road.  The DCA advocates for residents who are negatively affected by the proposal and for the Denham Court area.  It also provides information updates to keep the Community aware of changes and opportunities to be heard as they occur.

The proposal is to turn Campbelltown Road, Denham Court into an initial 4 lane highway with wide median strip preventing residents from entering and exiting using right turns from and to roads which run off Campbelltown Road.  This includes Blomfield Road and Zouch Road.  Other roads would be subject to significant changes including a large intersection with traffic lights at Denham Court Road and Dickson Road.  Later Campbelltown Road would be further widened to create a 6 lane highway.  More recent information suggests that Denham Court Road will also be widened.  There is also the potential for further road changes to Dickson Road, Keating Place and Brooks Road yet to be fully explained or clarified.

The impact of the proposal is to resume large amounts of Scenic Protection zoned land from residents homes, removal of all majestic gum trees lining Campbelltown Road, driving out of native birds and fauna, removal of native flora, destruction of the last remnant of colonial Campbelltown Road (also known in less recent times as Sydney Road), removal of curtilage and heritage garden from historic Denham Court House, removal of historic milestones, removal of curtilage from the historic Ingleburn Military Camp, repositioning of MacDonald Road and removal of all associated gum trees and the archway of gumtrees heralding the entrance to Denham Court, destruction of the Scenic Hills and associated Scenic Protection zoning (intended to strictly protect land within the zoning), significantly increased pollution and traffic, loss of the rural residential lifestyle that defines Denham Court, land locking of homes, and loss of amenity including access to small businesses.

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